Sinnemanie Seelenreise Vorschau

Birthdaycard to afterworld

Happy Birthday my friend Stephen… Hope you celebrate it with your heros #robinwilliams , #carryfisher , your mom and all the souls around us, we can not see and touch anymore… 🥳
I’m sure you laugh and cry about us lost Souls here right now, you knew so well how crazy the world is („I think you’re crazy…And when you’re out there without care / Yeah, I was out of touch /But it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough /
I just knew too much“) I drink a cup of english tea for you, but without milk and this little cold shot of water you usually put in, so I don’t burn my lips… Cheers!
I can still feel some energy of you in myself, which i hope never fades out… This warm fuzzy feeling when you talked or said „Scheisee“, one of the sweetest sounds I ever heard. ☺️ Or when you was angry or grumpy about Something you watched on a telly. I remember laughing so hard about your english accents skills.
Movie night, you’re invited to join… Send over some vibes. 🧛‍♀️🦇 #forever34 #lifeisshort #soul #herewithme #stephenmellor

Ps. It’s a digital painting based on a photo from/with my friend