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I wish I was a fisherman

i_wish_i_was_a_fisherman_workaway_malta 2017

Marsaxlokk, Malta

sinnemanie“I wish I was a fisherman“

“ I wish I was a fisherman
Tumblin‘ on the seas
Far away from dry land
And it’s bitter memories
Castin‘ out my sweet line
With abandonment and love
No ceiling bearin‘ down on me
Save the starry sky above
With light in my head
With you in my arms
I wish I was the brakeman
On a hurtlin fevered train…“ (The Waterboys: Fisherman’s Blues)

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Maske aus Schatten und Licht

Roma Termini FS, Mixed feelings – mask made of light and shadow“ – Tired not sad… maybe worried or excited… 13 hours traveling… lot of time for thinking and being annoyed of italien phone conversations ^^
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HowTo: Heal a broken heart


sinnemanie“HowTo: Heal a broken heart“ – so „easy“, some ideas (remember and do what you like, forget the rest of the ideas) just time + jokes (poetry slam for e.x.) + tapes + friends (who can listen and have an idea how it feels like) + music + free hugs + walking tours (best is green landscape if possible) + tons of sweets (ah no forget it, bad idea haha) + a hobby full of passion (photography?) + sport („run like hell“ muahaha) + candlelight (warm and peaceful) + party with friends (second-level, shouldn’t be the first step, ‚cause crying and looking sad/angry on the dancefloor is not nice for people around ^^)
+ NO alcohol (just helps at the moment, but the hangover and kissing strangers makes it worst after ____). + in case of love-relationship NO contact (can be friends later, healing first is nicer for both/all sides)
Being angry about something I can’t change first is Ok, but make a good finish and remember the good moments feels better as a longterm solution… be kind, forgive, process, take time … forgive me as well.
Other ideas? Let me know.
. You think lovesickness is funny? I know many who laugh about it and have no idea what it feels like, but some of them came back and apologize after they felt what it is… and some of them seems to never stop suffering… and some get really sick („broken heart sydrom“) Do you think you are „strange“ and alone with this feeling? Nope, you’re not! I wrote some articles about and was thankful for every painful lesson. Maybe an end of a shared story, but the beginning of some adventures and healing trips… there is always a reason for a non-happyend, when you believe in destiny. ^^
#lovedrunk dry but not sober yet 😉
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