Sinnemanie über Freiheit

Freiheit bedeutet keine Angst haben zu müssen

„Freedom is being fearless“ I looked to the sky and stars and thought about my future and what hold me in a cage is the fear about my future, our future, the fear about to lose myself, lose you, lose everything… the moment I just live, just think about today and now…. I feel free.
The definition of my word and understanding of freedom changed many times in my life… maybe that’s the sense of life… to circle around this and other questions and learn all this abstract words and live them… to learn what real love is, freedom, fear, happiness and all this… being grateful for every hour that’s given me. I can breath and feel happy… concience about that this life is a privileg and without the love of my mom and dad I wouldn’t be here… and everything has an end… for a reason, for something next, maybe for something greater, maybe for something smaller but beautiful. Now I have food, and a house… maybe I lose all this very soon, so I live now and don’t take it for granted…