Können wir bitte mal über diese verdammte Einsamkeit reden…

… für die ich mich gerade so unendlich schäme,
weil das ja so needy wirkt?!

Epidemie Einsamkeit (Doku auf 3Sat.de)

„Jeder Mensch ist phasenweise einsam. Relativ neu ist die Erkenntnis, dass chronische Einsamkeit krankmachen kann. Betroffen sind nicht nur die Älteren, sondern zunehmend auch jüngere Erwachsene.“

Produktionsland und -jahr: Deutschland 2019 DATUM:14.02.2019

“I kept noticing a self-help cliché that people say to each other all the time, and share on Facebook incessantly. We say to each other: “Nobody can help you except you.” It made me realize: we haven’t just started doing things alone more, in every decade since the 1930s. We have started to believe that doing things alone is the natural state of human beings, and the only way to advance. We have begun to think: I will look after myself, and everybody else should look after themselves, as individuals. Nobody can help you but you. Nobody can help me but me. These ideas now run so deep in our culture that we even offer them as feel-good bromides to people who feel down—as if it will lift them up. But John has proven that this is a denial of human history, and a denial of human nature. It leads us to misunderstand our most basic instincts. And this approach to life makes us feel terrible.”

― Johann Hari, Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions
empty heart – peace come in…
Light/Lift me up

Musik zum Mitfühlen
Holocene – von Bon Iver 🎶🎧

Danke Johann!!! Danke! 🙏