Sinnemanie - Sag nichts und beiße mich selbst

Say nothing and bite myself

Sinnemanie - Sag nichts und beiße mich selbst
Sinnemanie – Sag nichts und beiße mich selbst

Waiting for the final cut and words „It’s not you, it’s me.“

Dating someone with commitment phobia, know all about it, the inner conflict that love is the biggest desire and biggest fear same time. I force myself not to talk about my emotions, to don’t create pressure and don’t make it worst for them… is Torture. The reason for this new extrem Trend to don’t have any real relationship anymore, poly-blabla, freedom-bla, go-with-the-flow bla, drugs bla. Drugs (so an addiction) is the opposite of freedom, cause you are addicted, dependent to stuff, same with sex and love as an addiction…

Oh poor society, so sorry about the traumas so need to lie, lie to oneself and believe that this kind of lifestyle means freedom… which is not… just pain and lonliness. I understand now why people stoped talking and just writing Blogs instead… like I do, so I know what I’m talking about… there is a need to talk… but to be brave enough to answer or look straight to the eyes is hard… it needs a strong heart to face strong good or bad emotions and to deal with how poorly empathetic people can react sometimes. Try not to rule my life of bad past expierences, but it happens unconsciously. I like Dramas as well to write good and inspiring stories and feel alive, I fully understand… but everybody getting tired soon, so there are limits of Self-destruction. If there is something that seriously holds back to commit, because making a inner change, personal inventory, seems so hard, it’s time asking for help, support and a good conversation.

Same about the relationship with mother earth by the way… kindness, respect and awareness about the effects of my actions guided by my fears and
bad conscience and inner warning signs.

Resources and further information

    „[..] they are extremely loving, caring and charming- especially at the beginning of relationships, when there is distance or when they haven’t fully won you over yet. The most interesting thing about commitment phobia is that these people are not pretending to be this way!A phobic truly wants the intimacy and connection that comes from a commitment, but once they have it and there is any pressure or expectation placed on them or the relationship to grow- they immediately back off and begin self-sabotaging the relationship. [..]“
    Sandra Kushnir