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Wofür gehe ich zur Schule

„What I go to school for?!“

Reading Ed Sheeran’s „A Visual Journey“ and it reminds me ones again how much I’m in conflict with our school system and how many of my creative young years I wasted for school and homework with not enough support or time/energy(?!) besides my personal school-horror for my positive energy and passions. I made photos and worked hours and days on short video clips I presented on our last schoolday… but that’s it. I’m not a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, but this book (and I try to believe the story) is very inspiring… he worked hard and for now I don’t believe I can work so hard for my dreams. Support helps… so mentally support your loved ones if you see the real potentials. It’s a small act but can make the difference where they end. 💛


„But from a very young age, I thought, ‘All I am is a statistic for the school in the Ofsted ratings.“
Ed Sheeran „A visual Journey“