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„De-Shaming“ is the word of the day inspired by Conni Biesalski
When you talk about #selflove with your male developer and IT colleagues, you get a very special Goodbye-gift. Well Ok, it was my wish… and I am sinnemanie (senses mania). Great humor, but I’ll enjoy the Vibrations… good size for backpack-traveling and good piece of art. Goooood night 2.0 😉 don’t feel ashamed to press the „heart“-button…
I feel free to make this post because I like the Blog of Conni Bisalksi and her Videos about de-shaming, depression, life, freedom etc. … definetly a helpful and inspiring personality for me. If she is right? Not always… life ways can be different, her way is special and definetly not the „normal way of life“. .. but that’s her mission. :)
#sinnemanie #letstalkaboutsexbaby
And check out #connibiesalski from #planetbackpack she call herself a #zennomad