Sinnemanie Untitled Rap Song


A Rap Song written in anger by me for you me 28. Juli 2018, Berlin

it starts with rush
it starts with fire
it starts with big words and lots desires
it starts in a moment when you are low
it starts when you are not ready too let go
it starts when you still mourn after the past

it starts when golden rivers running fast
down through your lungs and to your belly
what you have seen on the telly
filled it up with smokey dreams
what you have watched in fiction streams

and in the moment,when you see clear
you can feel again this fear
you start struggling to commit
all this warm words you just forget
freezing cold is it what comes out
I don’t know what it is about
pushing away what comes to close
you thinking don’t deserve happyness, I suppose

an artist soul needs drama and a kick
used to be lonley and still is on repeat
long time in a dreamteam with lots of trouble
you start drinking and live in bubble

yesterday Miss wonderful, Miss special
your supergirl
yesterday clinged like a soft snake around my body
lain on my couch, wearing my hoody
parked your toothbrush at my place
between breasts I find your face
yesterday warm breath next to my ear
watching movies, wipe away my tear
yesterday happy singing, bury your heavy head in my arms
at the campfire you told me what I mean to you
all forgotten, it’s not true

hugging for hours in my kitchen
don’t know anymore whats real or fiction
listen too deep, soft sounds
forget  what us surrounds
want believe your soft touch for now
you break up with me with your hand on my bum
nothing will change, I’m just not allowed to cum
it’s not all about that dude
you giving me good brain food
you making me angry
starting the rollercoaster without my „I agree“